Here’s the Roadmap of NAODA

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

2024 ~

Q2: NAODA’s Origins…

  • Community Liftoff (Discord & Social Media Channels Live)
  • First Batch of POPs Unveiled
  • NAODA Mechanics Revealed (Whitepaper Reveal)
  • NAODA Games’ Sneak Peak (Teaser Artwork Reveal)

Q3: NAODA’s Upgrades…

  • Discover NAO & POPO’s Story
  • NAODA Games’ NFT Collections Revealed (Pre-Sale, Stay Tuned Voyagers)
  • NAO & POPO Discovers the 2nd Batch of POPs (Marketplace-related, Game-related)
  • Project X’s Liftoff (Trailer & Game Available to Play)

Q4: NAODA’s Assembled…

  • NAODA Exchange (DEX) Opens
  • POP Rewards Available for Redeeming (Token$!)
  • NAODA Games’ Testing …. (The Alien Closed Beta Launch)
  • NAO & POPO Discovers the 3rd Batch of POPs (DEX-related)

2024: NAODA’s Future

  • Project Alike Officially Liftoff for Gameplay
  • Governance in NAODA is Drafted
  • Project Y Testing… (Beta)
  • NAO & POPO Makin Frens with E-Sports
  • NAODA’s Transformation into Something POPular!
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